Photography Service Terms and Conditions

Creative Events Photography Terms and Conditions

1. Services
Photography services will be provided and billed on an hourly basis. These rates are agreed between client and photographer prior to the photoshoot. For packages selected from the website, the agreed service is based on the package purchased by the client. Additional hours or photographs requested shall be quoted separately upon request.

2. Deliverables
The photos are delivered as digital files through a downloadable secure link unless otherwise agreed upon between photographer and client. Prints, USBs, canvas or other formats will be purchased separately by the client. With the exception of wedding or school photographs, the final photos will be delivered within 5 business days after the photoshoot has been completed. A fast turnaround of images is available upon request at an additional $100. Owing to the large volume of material to be processed, wedding and School photos will be returned within 4 weeks of the photoshoot.

3. Fees
For all events photography bookings, a 20% deposit is to be paid upon confirmation of the booking. All deposits paid will be deducted from the final invoice. Once the deposit has been received, the photographer will reserve the date and time specified by the client, and will not be able to make another reservation. The deposit is not refundable if the reservation is cancelled. The client agrees that the deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the client. Notification of cancellation must be submitted in writing.

A final invoice will be send out after the photoshoot, and is payable within 2 weeks from the date stated on the invoice. The photographer holds the right to retain the images until payment is made in full. Additional charges for extra photography time during the photoshoot shall be charged per hour, and shall become payable within 14 days of presentation of an invoice by the photographer.

4. Copyright
All copyright of images taken by Creative Events Photography remains with the photographer. It is understood that any and all images, whether proofs, digital files, final prints or sample prints, and all rights to them remain the property of the photographer.

5. Intellectual Property
Creative Events Photography retains a license to intellectual property. This includes but is not limited to use any images for promotional purposes, marketing and personal use. This includes the use of images on websites, print material, social media and promotional material. The client grants the photographer the unrestricted right to use and alter the material for commercial, promotional, marketing, competition or other purposes without compensation, and hereby releases and shall hold harmless the photographer from all claims or liability resulting from or associated with the use of the material.

6. Alterations
Unless written consent is provided, the images provided by Creative Events photography cannot be altered, cropped, distorted or affected in any other way. The photographer shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever resulting from alterations made to the material by the client. The photographer grants the client the right to make unlimited number and format of copies of the photographs in any medium for personal use. The client shall obtain written permission from the photographer prior to selling or publishing any of the material for financial gain.

7. Indemnity
Creative Events Photography will not be held responsible in the event of the client suffering damage or less due to unforeseen circumstances whilst working with Creative Events Photography. The client hereby agrees to indemnify, release, discharge and hold harmless the photographer, his or her heirs, legal representatives, assignees, employees or any persons or corporations acting under permission or authority of the photographer from and against any liability or claims arising as a result of any work done related to this agreement. This includes, but is not limited to claims related to the use of the likenesses of anyone captured in the images or any distortion, blurring or alteration that may occur or be produced in the taking, processing or reproduction of the photographs.

8. Cancellations
If the photographer cannot attend to his or her duties for medical reasons or other emergency, every effort shall be made by him/her to engage a competent replacement photographer at no extra cost to the client. If the photographer cannot source a replacement photographer or the client is not satisfied with the proposed replacement, all monies paid by the client (including the deposit) shall be refunded in full, and the photographer’s liability shall be limited to this refund.

If the photographer resigns from an assignment for reasons such as changes made by the client to the venue, dates or time, non-payment of fees or non-performance by the client, monies paid shall be refunded after deductions for traveling costs incurred and services performed up to that time, charged at $110 per hour.

9. Attribution
Creative Events Photography requests for all photography used on the internet, social media, print and other forms of sharing other than personal use to be credited to Creative Events Photography. Copyright logos cannot be cropped out or removed by any third party.

10. Confidentiality
All information and discussions between the client and Creative Events Photography are considered confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.

11. Locations/Permissions:
It is the client’s responsibility to obtain permission for entry to and photography at all applicable locations and to advise the photographer of any restrictions or policies in place at all applicable locations.
The photographer shall not be held responsible for any photographs requested but not provided resulting from the late arrival of client, models, wedding parties or any delays due to unforeseen circumstances. It is also a duty of the client to keep guest photographers from hampering the photographer during the designated official photography time.

12. Loss or damage:
The photographer undertakes to use the utmost care and reliable equipment throughout the capturing, backup, processing and transportation of the material. If however, the material is lost, stolen or damaged for any reason, the photographer shall refund all monies received and her liability shall be limited to this refund. If a portion of the material is lost, stolen or damaged for any reason, the refund shall be calculated pro-rata based on the package selected and her liability shall be limited to this partial refund.

By placing any booking through Creative Events Photography you agree to the above terms and conditions, and the contracts shall be considered as binding as a manually signed paper original.