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Childcare Photography in Sydney: Moms Treasure These Amazing Pics

The realities of the modern world mean that there are very few stay-at-home moms these days. Besides, childcare centres give kids a wonderful opportunity to mix with their peers. Childcare photography in Sydney helps to bring moms closer to their children by showing them a part of their little ones’ day that they would otherwise miss out on.

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This isn’t the usual kind of photography that’s all formal portraits – instead it shows children interacting with their friends, posing playfully with their favourite toys, dancing, laughing and having fun. After all, children are so beautiful and so natural that they really don’t need to be primped and posed.

Child Care Photography Sydney
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Sydney Childcare and preschools can give back to your supporting families for FREE
Apart from reassuring parents that their children really are happy in their childcare centres, childcare photography sees Sydney childcare centres connect with families even more. A graduation Photo Booth is a great way to give back to the families of the children in your care. For further information on a FREE graduation photo booth and how to qualify as a childcare centre please contact us. We love to have fun and help set up your ideal photo booth.

Despite the prevalence of digital photography, professional photographers still have a few tricks up their sleeves that result in artistic, high quality images that really capture the moment in almost better-than-life clarity. No matter how much parents may fancy themselves as photographers, they’re sure to be impressed with the images that were taken at your after school care or day-care centre.

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Excellent equipment is only the beginning
Having excellent equipment certainly helps photographers to obtain technically brilliant images, but when it comes to photographing real people, especially children, having great equipment and knowing how to use it is only the beginning. A professional photographer needs to have a sharp eye for magical split-seconds that could otherwise be missed, and there’s no use even trying to do childcare photography if you don’t have a natural way with children and the ability to put them at ease.

Establishing a rapport with one’s subject is necessary for a striking, relaxed portrait, and being unobtrusive at the right times helps in capturing the candid shots that are absolutely priceless. Knowing when to interact with the children and when to be self-effacing can be quite an art in itself!

Childcare photography in Sydney step by step
It all begins when the centre contacts the studio. Sometimes, moms who have seen our work will ask schools to book a photo session with us, and sometimes, the schools are referred by friends or family, or simply happened on this website and liked the portfolio.
Once a date has been agreed upon and the centre and photographer have discussed what type of photographs will be taken (various studio set ups and backgrounds are available), a detailed list of instructions and time frames will be confirmed. This ensures super clear communication and avoids confusion or disappointment.

At first, the children may be a little self-conscious when a new adult with a camera appears on the scene, but we give them a little time to settle down, and soon it’s business as usual and the photographer can get to work. A skilled assistant is there to interact with the children and make them forget the photographer is even there. This is when the perfect school photo is taken.

A lot of the real work happens after the shoot as the images are processed so that they’re “mom ready”. The time needed for this is agreed ahead of time, so there are no surprises, and before long, those precious images are ready.

Childcare photography in Sydney may not suit every photographer, but it’s my favourite. Having worked with children and in the child care industry myself for many years I feel connected and at home in your child care environment. This is my passion, my drive and I can’t wait to meet the children in your care and capture them at their best. Browse the portfolio and see just how modern, relaxed and classical child care photos can be.

Are you looking for a modern, fun approach to child care photography? You just found it.

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