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Tired of the boring old preschool photos?
Creative Events offers a fun and modern approach to preschool, day care photography in
Wollongong, The Illawarra and South Sydney

Customer service is always our top priority and we understand that photo day can feel overwhelming. Thats why we keep it as simple as possible.
We have a range of photo packages available for parents to choose from at affordable prices. Read about the school photographer.
For your convenience we use a pre-paid system. Parents can pay cash or use our online payment system. When paying online simply fill in your order form as normal and when your payment has been made via our online store, document the order number on your envelop.
Each school is treated individually. We adjust our day to your centre’s routine to minimise any disruption creating a more pleasant experience for the children and the staff.

We will spend 2 days at the centre to ensure all children have the opportunity to have their photo taken. If a child is not booked in on the agreed photo days we encourage the parents to drop in so their child doesn’t miss out.
We personalise and design each schools group photo incorporating the individual children’s names, your childcare centre’s name and logo. We also send you a proof of the group shot before it goes to print. This is a great way to capture the memories when looking back at all the children’s names in many years to come.

Previous to my photography career I worked in child care as a director for many years. This experience of working with the staff, children and families has given me the knowhow and insight to what is needed to run a smooth photo day.

My approach to school photos is modern and relaxed. I aim to take photos of the children as if I was their parent. I know what it is like to see your child pull that ‘school photo’ smile. As a parent myself I have cringed many times over the years as the school photos came home. I will spend time with each child bringing out their personality and capturing their real smile at the right time.

Package A ($35)

  • 1 x 8″ x 12” Group photo
  • 2 x 5” x 7” Colour
  • 1 x 5” x 7” Black and White
  • 4x Wallet Size Photos Colour

Wollongong Preschool Photographer

Package B ($45)

  • 1 x 8″ x 12” Group photo
  • 2 x 6″x8″ Colour
  • 1 x 5” x 7” Colour
  • 1 x 5” x 7” Black and White
  • 4x Wallet Size Photos Colour

Wollongong Preschool Photographer

Package ($50)

  • 2 x 6” x 8” Colour
  • 2 x 5″ x 7″ Colour
  • 2 x 5” x 7” Black and White
  • 4x Wallet Size Photos Colour

Wollongong Sibling Photographer

What to expect on photo day

I will arrive at the centre early to set up all photographic equipment and indoor studio. You can also opt to have all photos taken outside however this will be weather depending.
All order forms must be at the centre before the photo day. I will only take photos of children that have placed an order. I will take a variety of photos of each child making sure I capture their real smile. After a class has had their individual photos taken we will take the group photos. We will take the group photo outside using a suitable onsite location. I like to use any greenery and natural settings as much as possible.

All the individual staff and a staff group photos are complimentary and will be taken once all the individual, sibling and class photos are completed. Some schools prefer to have the staff photos taken at the start of the day. Just have a chat to us and we will be able to cater for this.

At the end of the day all photography equipment is packed away quietly allowing the class to continue their routine. We will ensure everything is back the way we found it before we leave.

All orders are processed, send to the lab and returned to the centre within 4 weeks. With the returned orders a note will be send to all families. Families will be able to reorder photos directly through my website. An online link and special code if provided to families allowing additional orders to be placed. An secure online gallery is made available to purchase digital downloads directly from.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Parents have lost their order form: Thats not a problem, we always cater for extra order forms which will be handed to the school.
  • A child was sick on photo day: Thats why we are at the school for 2 days. If a particular child had placed an order and was absent for both photo days a full refund will be provided.
  • A parent wasn’t happy with the photo of their child: Kindly refer them to Creative Events Photography and we will handle this for you.
  • A parent would like to add to their order after photo day: Not a problem. A online gallery is made available within 2 weeks of the photo day allowing parents to place additional orders.

Event Photography Testimonial

“We had Judith come and take our centre photo’s this year, and it was such a pleasure to work with her. From when we first contacted her, she was organised and prompt in all her correspondence, and it was a relief to work with someone who knows the child care industry and how it runs. Judith was very organised, and even set up online ordering for our families who don’t always find the notes that we put in the children’s bags! On the photo days, Judith and her assistant were warm, professional and entertaining, somehow seeming to know when it was the child’s “real” or “fake” smile. The result was so many adorable photo’s, which the families truly appreciated. We have had a number of parents comment that it would be good to have Judith come and take next year’s photo’s too, as they have siblings enrolled who they also want her to photograph. The turnover was great, less than a month, and the families could also log in to Creative Events and order additional photo’s directly from Judith. All in all, this process was so much easier than it has been in previous years, and I know it was Judith and her assistant that made the difference.”

Melissa Dunford
Integricare Children’s Centre Rockdale

“You have done such an amazing job giving me memories that will last a lifetime. The photos are natural and so brilliant. Thanks.”

Sandy (mother)

“After using the same company for our annual preschool photos for many years, we decided to give Creative Events Photography a go. This was a worthwhile change! Judith and her assistant were amazing, showing great professionalism, patience and attention to detail. The photographs were absolutely beautiful and captured in a relaxed and natural way. The quality of the photos was remarkable. We have had excellent feedback from parents and will definitely be using Creative Events Photography from now on.”

Dali Milakovic
Centre Coordinator
St George Montessori

For an unique experience and a super modern approach, Creative Events Photography offers a range of different studio scenes that can be set up at your school.
How it works; the school gets to picks one of the versatile portable studios, we organise the rest and will bring everything needed on the day. Variations are available upon request, we would love to hear your ideas.
note: only 1 studio can be selected per booking.

Studio 1
Rustic, Vintage and Classic

This studio provides a versatile set up utilising props that create a vintage feel. Wooden floorboards and a rustic concrete wall give a warm yet neutral look. The photos have a soft and timeless look about them and the children can enjoy the different props to hold and pose with. This studio can be used for all ages.

Preschool Photo Studio

Studio 2
Fantasy Gardens

This playful set up includes grass, fencing, hand painted props and a bright blue backdrop. The children feel like they are in a fantasy garden and love the playfulness. Results are colourful, fresh and the children shine in this environment. This studio can be used for all ages.

Preschool Fantasy Garden Studio

Studio 3
The Old School

This old school set up represents the children’s learning during their days at child care. The setup includes a beautiful wooden desk and a chalkboard background. The children are photographed while they are submerged in a book or art activity. The props used can be picked by the class teacher to represent some of the children’s daily activities. The results are classic, clean and realistic. This studio is only suitable for preschool aged children.

School Photo Studio

Studio 4
Nature at Day Care

Use your outdoor space to capture the children at play. A realistic representation of the school environment where the children are photographed during outdoor play time. Often a beautiful colourful background, the natural greenery around the playground or the cubby house make for great backdrops. This option is weather depending and is suitable for all ages.

Preschool Nature Scene Photo Studio