Beautiful Preschool and Child Care Photography
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Sick of the same boring old preschool photos?

Creative Events offers a fun and modern approach to
preschool and child care photography in Sydney and the Illawarra.

Studio 1
Rustic, Vintage and Classic

This studio provides a versatile set up utilising props that create a vintage feel. Wooden floorboards and a rustic concrete wall give a warm yet neutral look. The photos have a soft and timeless look about them and the children can enjoy the different props to hold and pose with. This studio can be used for all ages.


Studio 2
Fantasy Gardens

This playful set up includes grass, fencing, hand painted props and a bright blue backdrop. The children feel like they are in a fantasy garden and love the playfulness. Results are colourful, fresh and the children shine in this environment. This studio can be used for all ages.


Studio 3
Vintage Balloons

This old-school vintage balloon studio is such a cute new look. It’s versatile and the results are young, classic and warm. This studio is suitable for all ages and can be adapted to the children’s height and age. With a pastel coloured background, real balloon and a super vintage suitcase this studio is the new favourite of 2018.


Studio 4
Nature at Day Care

Use your outdoor space to capture the children at play. A realistic representation of the school environment where the children are photographed during outdoor play time. Often a beautiful colourful background, the natural greenery around the playground or the cubby house make for great backdrops. This option is weather depending and is suitable for all ages.