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Kids grow up way to fast! Parents would love to treasure every moment of that magical time when their little ones first began to explore the world around them. Photographs are the best way to cherish those moments forever and bring back the memories. We are all pressed for time and work schedules don’t always allow for parents to be at home with their children. When children are at daycare, parents don’t get to enjoy those milestones as often. Parents tend to miss out on seeing the fun educational activities, the playground moments when friendships are formed, and the never ending enthusiasm of their loved ones. Child care is such a great environment where so many activities happen but parents mainly get to see the drop off and pick up times. Child care centres and preschools try their best to keep parents informed and up to date with what’s happening on a daily basis but how much more effective is it to show the proof in photographs.

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Now Sydney child care and pre-schools can get a professional photographer to freeze a moment in time and bring home the evidence of their joy during daycare hours to mom and dad. It’s not only a great service that families deserve, but if 85% of families order the school also receives a complimentary Photo Booth graduation photoshoot. What a great way to bring together the community and give back to the families that have been loyal to their child care centres for so many years.

There’ll be minimal disruption to the centre. The children will get to play and interact like they normally would and realise that they won’t have to do anything special, especially not say ‘cheese’ and pretend smile. They can just have lots of fun and learn new things through play the way they usually do. Our fantastic assistants interact with the children and bring out their real smiles. Meanwhile, those precious photographs are being taken. Pre-school photography in Sydney has never been so modern, fun and easy.
Pre-School Photography Sydney Packages
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We bring out the best in every child through the lens. Where else can a photographer capture such innocent and expressive faces? Sydney parents will be delighted to receive high quality, genuine photography prints. Is your child happy at child care? See for yourself! Read the testimonials and what parents have to say about Creative Events Photography.

If you run a pre-school or child care centre in Sydney, our photographers will make you and the parents proud with professional child care and pre-school photographs. Contact us. We would love to have a chat to you and explain our fantastic studio options and packages.