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Pre-School Photography Illawarra, Wollongong NSW
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Illawarra Landscape Photography

Illawarra NSW is a stunning region of Australia where the escarpment meets up with the sea, giving you a choice of beautiful scenery to photograph. Perfect beaches, natural rainforest, interesting wildlife as well as mountains and lakes makes this area a photographer’s paradise. There are many interesting places to visit and be sure to capture those unique memories to show everyone at home. SEE ALSO: Wollongong Photography Service
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Illawarra Photography Spots

A few of the more notable places to visit in Illawarra include:

Cascades Walk
Cascades Walk is in the Macquarie Pass National Park takes you on a meander through natural rainforest to a sparkling waterfall and pool. You can take selfies with some of the colourful wildflowers and other plants in this natural haven. Keep an eye out for platypus, lyrebirds, goannas and lizards as well as some of the other birds that call this forest home. The sunlight through the trees and the fern under-story make for some majestic photographs and an experience to cherish for years to come.

Coledale Ocean Pool
For something completely different, take a trip out to Coledale Ocean pool, which is carved in to the rock between the shoreline and the ocean, turning it in to a safe place to swim for beach goers and allows for those who want to paddle in the shallows to the more serious swimmers. There is also some interesting artwork to photograph on occasion as well as some pebbly beach to relax on and catch up on some tanning.

Burning Palms Walk
Set in the Royal National Park, this Palm Jungle track takes you on a walk through some amazing scenery. Have your camera prepared to take shots of scenic coastline, beaches, clifftops and of course, the rainforest itself. You can even stop at some of the tidal pools if the tides are low. There is so much to capture on this walk, make sure you are prepared to take many amazing photos.

Bushrangers Bay Aquatic Reserve
This sheltered snorkelling and dive site features corals and some amazing aquatic life. You may not be allowed to touch the corals or remove shells from the beach, but there is nothing to stop you taking photos of this gorgeous, unspoiled area.

These are just a few of some of the unusual and photo-worthy sites you might like to visit in Illawarra. A few others we can recommend are the Garrawarra Cemetery with its deep history grown over with nature and slowly being reclaimed, the glow-worm colony which combines railway history with cute, sparkly bugs and many others. Take a walk through some of the gardens, the various nature reserves or visit a well known Hindu temple in the area. Little Blowhole, Port pyramids, military tunnels, Cathedral rocks, Lake Illawarra, Coniston Beach are just a few more of the interesting and photographic places you can visit on your trip to Illawarra.

Local suburbs in Illwarra NSW

Stanwell park
Russell Vale
Port Kembla
Shell Harbour
Albion Park
Fairy Meadow