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The art of corporate events photography

After reading this title, many a person would raise an eyebrow and say, “Art? Surely not!” but indeed, corporate events photography requires a delicate balance between the candid and the formal. This in itself is a challenge, but there is more.
Natural light is the most flattering light, and the easiest to work with, but at Sydney corporate events, photographers will generally be working at night. Getting the right shots means being in the right place at the right time, and it also means getting the right angles while working with tricky light conditions. Few things are more satisfying than actually getting it just right!

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Here’s how I do it:

I always, always discuss the shoot with the corporate client in detail first

When Sydney companies and event organisers call on a photographer, they already have a very good idea of what they want from the shoot. They may not consciously realise it, but the subconscious image is there. I have to find out just what it is that they want to see in their photos. To get a clear brief, we discuss the following types of images.

1. Before the corporate event
The stage is set. Perhaps tables have been elegantly decorated, a trade show stand has been creatively set up, or a venue has been transformed into a place that the client feels expresses their brand in some other way. Although it will only come alive when people begin to arrive, seeing it in it’s pristine, expectant glory makes for wonderfully atmospheric shots that start the “story” of the event right at the beginning.

Professional Corporate Photography Sydney
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2. Who are the VIPs?
Shots of the VIPs posing in front of backdrops or enjoying the event are great for company newsletters, brochures and other publications. But just who is important? Sometimes, the client will ensure that an organiser introduces them to the photographer, but at others, a little detective work is necessary to track down all the “right” people. Having a list is a big help!

3. Photos of speakers or entertainers
Arriving before the event helps the photographer to determine where they need to be in order to capture staged events to the best possible advantage. Many of the shots will be wide-angle images with the speaker or entertainer as a focal point. The rest of the image captures a sense of place. Any branding should be visible, and there should be some indication of a large audience held spellbound. I’ll also take some close-up, head and shoulders shots that capture the individual speakers portrait style.

4. Guests having a good time
These shots could be posed or candid, but I always take a lot of them and sort through them carefully. Every person must be looking their best – no closed eyes, funny facial expressions or other oddities can pass muster. These shots have to make other people wish they had been there with the beautiful people!

5. Overall views
If the event is well-attended, that’s a triumph in itself. If it isn’t, one can still make it look as if the turnout was excellent. Either way, pictures of a large group of people gathering will help reinforce the impression that the event was absolutely unmissable and a success.

6. Understand the brand
I like to ask clients what impression they want the event to create. After all, the photographs will be used for marketing purposes. If the brand is fun and lively, fun, lively images will convey that, and I’m not above doing a little stage managing to get what my client wants! Other clients prefer a little more gravitas, but even so, we want some degree of humanity to shine through.

All of this takes planning and preparation, but the end result is the set of event shots the client wanted when he or she first got in touch with me. Your Sydney events photographer needs to share your understanding of what the event is there to achieve. Armed with this information, I can ensure that the images reflect that.

Corporate Event Photography Sydney
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